How do I look after my plants after they have been in the post?

Your plants have been in a box for an extended period and need to watered and acclimatised to sunlight.

First thing is a good watering, ideally with some seaweed product in the water.

To re-acclimatise to sunlight is a progressive process taking 3-4 days. Firstly, check the growing conditions for the amount of sunlight required, and acclimatise to that level using the same method as for plants requiring full sun.

For species requiring full sun, place in a position that will receive 2-3 hours or early morning sunlight and gradually increase the exposure to light each day. After 4 days the plants should be able to tolerate a full day of sun. The progressive nature of this process is particularly important during hot and dry conditions.

How much is shipping (within Australia)?

Shipping costs vary according to the type of product purchased. See Shipping detail.

Seed only orders are $6.60 for up to six packets and free if included with  books.

Book and dried herb orders are charged on a sliding scale and calculated at the checkout

Plants start at $14.50 per order for up to three items and increases on a sliding scale. Freight depends on delivery location. All plants delivered by Express Post. See shipping detail.

Do you send plants to WA or Tasmania?

We do not ship plants to WA or Tasmania.

We do ship seed, dried herbs and books to WA and Tasmania.

Do you ship internationally?

Seed is the only item that we ship internationally.

We do not ship plants, dormant roots, books or dried herb internationally.

What is the turn around time for orders?

Dispatch of orders is always early in the week.

Orders received before midnight Thursday are dispatched the following week.

If there is a delay for some reason, dispatch will be rolled over to the following week.

You will be notified (by email) if turnaround of your order is protracted beyond 2 weeks.

If plant order NOT received the Thursday after dispatch, please contact us to track.

My plants were damaged in transit. What do I do?

My plants were damaged in transit. What do I do?

If the plant is badly damaged in shipment, then please contact us to advise us of the issue. Cut the plant back, transplant into a 100mm pot and take care of it according to the environmental requirements of the species. If after 3 weeks there is still no response, and you check and find that the root is dead, contact us again and we’ll send a replacement plant with your next plant order, or we will issue a store credit for the value of the plant, which may be redeemed on future orders.

Are your dried herbs irradiated?

No irradiation of dried herb or seed provided by ALL Rare Herbs.

Are your seed or plants genetically modified?

Our seed and plants are GMO free, open pollinated and untreated.

The instruction on the seed packet is to scarify. What does this mean?

Scarification is to abrade the seed coat to allow water to enter and commence the germination process. This can be done physically or chemically. We suggest rubbing the seed between sheets of sandpaper to scratch the seed coat.

The instruction on the seed packet is to cold condition. What does this mean?

The instruction on the seed packet is to cold condition. What does this mean?

Cold conditioning is to provide a brief chill to the seed to stimulate germination. This can be achieved by placing seed packet in fridge for about 30 days prior to sowing.

The instruction on the seed packet is to stratify. What does this mean?

Stratification is prolonged cold and moist conditioning to stimulate seed germination. Place seed in moist vermiculite or sand and place in fridge for 60-90 days as per instruction on seed packet. Remove from fridge after allotted time and sow seed as per usual.