Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs; Newsletter2017.06.05

Growing At Risk Medicinal Herbs


Cool nights at last. The persistent warm weather has finally loosened its grip and a climate resembling normal is prevailing. The days are still fine and mild, but the nights are cool, which is important for some of our nursery practices.

The ground dried quickly after rain, earlier this month, indicating poor levels of sub soil moisture. Climatic conditions are currently indicating a cold, but short, late winter. Day temperatures have been in the low to mid-twenties. Nights are between high single figures up to early teens.

In the Shade House

Orders for the dormant roots of Golden Seal, Bloodroot, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Horny Goats Weed and Golden Root will close mid-June for delivery during July. Bare-rooted trees need to be ordered by early July for August delivery.

Prolonged warm weather has further delayed Wasabi plants. Expect Wasabi to be ready early July. Make use of the Wait List function for email notification.

Recently returning to stock are Ayahuasca, Horseradish, Calendula, African Marigold, Herb Robert, Catnip and Ladies Mantle. Asafetida should be ready late July, as should the next batch of White Sage.

Looking exceptionally good in the shade house are Damiana, Betony, Curry Leaf Tree, Chickweed, Patchouli, Calea, Sambung and Yerba Mate.

In The Seed Room

The end of May indicates the end of propagation by cutting. Warm days (and warm soil) combined with cool nights of May are ideal for vegetative propagation of woodier plants such as Yerba Mate, Holy Basil, Ayahuasca and American Elderberry. In late June Siberian Ginseng will be propagated as hardwood cuttings.

Seed sown recently includes Oregon Grape, Sagebrush, Cape Gooseberry, Woodruff, Sweet Violet, Edelweiss, Tea, Dong Quai and Burdock.

Seed returning to stock includes Clary Sage, Sweet Annie and Sheep Sorrel. Wasabi seed should be ready late June together with the seed for Rooibos – use Wait List function for email notification.

Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs

There is so much that could be said about this book of outstanding merit. Suffice to say it is a must-have for the growers of Golden Seal, Kava, Bloodroot, False Unicorn, American Wild Yam and other difficult to grow species endangered in the native habitat.

Available again, finally. Now as a second edition.

Specials for June

June plant and seed specials will be notified next week. African Marigold plants will be continued from last month as stock sold out very quickly. Seed for Golden Seal is currently on sale – still time to sow for spring germination.

Nursery Cuttings

● Golden Seal plant as a dormant root, order now for July delivery
Golden Seal seed, on special, sow now for germination in spring
Herb Robert plant, transplant in warmer areas
Bloodroot plant as a dormant root, order now for July delivery
Rooibos seed, rare, Wait List for email notification
 Asafetida plants, rare, Wait List for email notification
Wasabi seed, available late June, Wait List for email notification
Horseradish plant, transplant now in warm climates
● Dong Quai seed, sow now in all areas
African Marigold plant, vigorous, colourful and robust
 Clary Sage seed, good germination
Black Cohosh,plant as dormant root, order now for July delivery
Sweet Annie seed, from the season finishing, sow early spring
Calendula plant, cheerful and medicinal
Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs, exceptionally informative book back in print


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