Aloe, Candelabra plant

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Botanical Name: Aloe arborescens
Pot Size: 50mm forestry tube, 100mm pot


An upright growth habit with a shape resembling a candelabra. Candelabra Aloe plant, Aloe arborescens, is a very elegant. The same uses as Aloe Vera. Also known as Tree Aloe and Torch Aloe. Candelabra Aloe plant is native to South Africa and prefers well drained soils in a partly shaded position. Drought resistant and tolerant of a light to medium frost. Evergreen plant, growing to 2m.

Note: some reference indicate that for medicinal use, the plant must be over a particular age. This may be so with seedlings, but with cutting propagated plants, the physiological maturity of the cutting is that of the parent plant. That is, a cutting from a 12 year old plant have the physiological maturity of the parent, even if the cutting itself is only 6 months old. This is not the case for seedlings.