Golden Seal, seed

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Seed Count: 10 / packet; fresh seed, must be cold stored
Germination: challenging, but easier with fresh seed
Botanical Name: Hydrastis canadensis
Seed Count / Weight: ~ 60 seed / gram
Usually Available: February – May

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Golden Seal seed is shipped as freshly harvested, undried seed,  packed in moist sand. Golden Seal seed should not be allowed to dry out before sowing

Golden Seal, Hydrastis canadensis, is a premier tonic herb. A wide range of traditional uses of the root, primarily where an astringent action is required. Roots yield a yellow dye or black dye, depending which mordant is used. Golden Seal is native to Canada and the USA and prefers rich moist soils in a protected shaded position. Produces small white flowers in late spring or early summer. Frost resistant but drought tender. A rhizome based perennial plant, growing to 0.3m x 0.5m.

Golden Seal plants are seasonally available.