HomeSafe 750ml (ready to use)

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Name: HomeSafe, 750ml, ready to use
Shipping: NOT internationally
Description: Non-Toxic weed control
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HomeSafe Pathweeder delivers highly effective, fast, non-staining* weed control for commercial and domestic purposes.

Does not stain most hard surfaces – please spot test.

– 1 Hour Visible Action

– Rainproof in 1 hour

– Fast & Long Lasting

– Non Staining

– Glyphosate Free

– Kills Weeds & Grasses

– Suitable to us in all Public Areas

– Non-toxic & Food Safe

– People & Pet Friendly

– Natural Ingredients

– Conditions Soil

– Australian Made

Weeds Controlled:

Annual weeds: Broadleaf weeds (e.g Blackberry nightshade, Capeweed, Burr medic), Creeping oxalis, Milk Thistle, Spear thistle, Wireweed.

Perennial weeds: Broadleaf weeds (e.g Flatweed, Hair hawkbit, Lamb’s tongue, Dandelion, Evening primrose), Couch grass, Paspalum, Perennial ryegrass, Kikuyu

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