Monkshood, seed

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Seed Count: 30 / packet
Germination Difficulty: moderate
Botanical Name: Aconitum napellus
Seed / Gram: ~400 / gm

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Monkshood, Aconitum napellus. is major “drug” of antiquity. Monkshood is sometimes known as Aconite or Wolfsbane. The entire plant, including the herb, root and seed are extremely poisonous when taken in sufficient dose. A very attractive plant with hood-shaped flowers. Used internally as a homeopathic remedy or externally as a liniment to relieve nerve and muscle pain. Any external use must be carefully moderated. Not a herb for self medication. aka: Wolfsbane. Monkshood is indigenous to the Himalayan foothills and prefers moist, loamy soils in a protected, semi-shaded position. Frost resistant but drought tender. A hardy herbaceous perennial plant, growing to a height of 1m x 0.5m.