New Jersey Tea, seed

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Seed Count: 30 / packet
Germination Difficulty: moderate
Botanical Name: Ceanothus americanus
Seed per Gram: ~200 / gm

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New Jersey Tea, Ceanothus americanus, is sometimes known as Red Root. New Jersey Tea was made famous for it part in the American Revolution as a substitute for the black China Tea, on which a tax was imposed by the British. The leaf produces a tasty tea which is naturally caffein free. The roots, on the other hand, contain large amounts of tannin, making its action astrigent. Plant yields a red-brown dye. New Jersery Tea is native to the mountains of eastern USA. A perennial woody shrub, bearing showy white flowers with a lilac scent. Grows to about 1.2m and prefers dryish soils in full sun to light shade.

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