Rocket, Wild seed

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Seed Count: 100 / packet
Germination: easy
Botanical Name: Diplotaxis tenuifolia

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Wild Rocket, Diplotaxis tenuifolia, is also known as Arugula, Wild Roquette and Wall Rocket. Wild Rocket is an wild uncultivated herb that is generally believed to be a feral form of Salad Rocket (Eruca sativa). A similar looking plant, but is a distinct genus with increased pungency . Young leaves ideal to spice up a salad or as the basis of a summer salad. Wild Rocket is native to the Mediterranean region. Adaptable to most well drained soils but prefers an open sunny position. Produces white flowers with lilac/rose veins. Drought and frost resistant. A perennial plant, growing to 0.3m x 0.2m.