Saffron, corms

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Usually Available: December to March
Seed Count: 3 corm / packet
Germination Difficulty: easy
Botanical Name: Crocus sativus
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Saffron spice is propagated by way of corms.

Saffron, Crocus sativus, is the source of a rare spice valued as a food flavouring and colouring. This spice is produced from the long orange-red stigma and style of the flower. A very distinctive aroma. The tea of Saffron is used as a remedy for chronic haemorrhage of the uterus. Saffron is a native of the Middle East and prefers good sandy loam in a protected, sunny position. Flowers are reddish purple, funnel shaped, appearing in summer. Drought and frost resistant.  A perennial plant, it growing to 0.3m x 0.5m.

Delivery included in the price.

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