Seed Savers Handbook, book

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Seed Savers Handbook
by Michel and Jude Fanton

Have known and used this publication for over 25 years, surprised it has taken so long to make available from our website.

One would expect the title to be self explanatory, however this is not strictly the case.

Instead the name does not fully disclose the width of this work; instead being all about seed, a good section is devoted to the cultivation  of sown seed to produce both common and unusual vegetables. Many Asian and South American food plants, herbs and spices included.Using produce of the garden is also included.

The sections on actual seed saving are comprehensive. There is discussion on the necessity of saving seed and then the practicalities of selecting which seed to save, collecting, drying and storing. A good amount of space is given to growing plants purely for seed production.

If you are a grower of food plants and concerned about food security (at least) then this title will provide the know how and confidence to grow and collect your own seed.