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CobraHead have been crafting heirloom-quality hand tools for gardeners and growers for over 20 years.

Quality hand tools help you be a better gardener whether you’re a small-scale farmer or just someone who wants to easily pull a few weeds in your backyard.

CobraHead tools are a favourite of gardeners everywhere. These American made tools are rugged, versatile, and easy to use, outworking all similar tools. The CobraHead Original and Mini Weeder and Cultivator gardening tools are designed to help gardeners weed, dig, cultivate, edge, furrow, de-thatch, and transplant with ease. The CobraHead Long Handle is a great stand-up weeder, and it’s ideal for older gardeners and those with limited kneeling capabilities. Our tools are designed to make you comfortable, efficient and happy while doing what you love!

Weeding and Cultivating Tool

How Do They work?

Gardeners dig this cultivated collection

CobraHead tools use a time-proven blade called a cultivating tine that’s been used on quality gardening tools for over a hundred years, the blade is like having a strong, sharp “steel fingernail®” to make garden work easier.

Its sharp blade is like a steel claw that becomes an extension of your hand that easily slices off weed of all types or can lift them right out down to the deep tap roots. They are excellent cultivators and do a multitude of garden tasks.

Garden Videos

CobraHead Video with Titles
How to Use CobraHead
The Best Way to Hold the CobraHead


I bought your CobraHead about 5 years ago when I retired to care for my acre of gardens. I have never had a better tool. It withstands weeding in gravel, between pavers and the rocks around our waterfall and pond. I have bought some for my fellow gardeners and all have been thrilled once they took it in hand and eliminated a weedy area. I volunteer at a local historical garden and have seen your tool in the garden shop for sale so I know they did listen to me when I bragged on it. Keep up the good work, as I will, and thanks for the newsletters. I love hearing what's up in your end of the country.
Thank you for making my gardening easier

Patricia Jones

Tacoma, WA

I live in Kennewick, WA. I purchased a CobraHead at the Waitsburg store. I've been CobraHead-ing all weekend. If I had 4 hands, I'd get 2 CobraHeads. I'm 58 years old and have been having fun with my new toy. I have only one request. Puleeeze make me STOP! LOL. David.

David Henricks

Kennewick, WA

Thank you for creating the cobrahead weeding tool. I love it. It makes weeding fun and I never thought I would ever say that. I purchased it at the energy fair this past June.

Jon Kazsuk

Williamstown Township, MI

Noel, was it you who gave me the Cobrahead at the Philly show? I see you are not short of testimonials but I thought I would add one from the UK. It is absolutely brilliant and could see how brilliant as soon as I tried it out, so good for getting weeds out from close up to precious plants – including of course roses! With care it gets out really big weeds and gives me a little push up when I have been on my knees for too long! I will have to get a suitcase full when I come over next time for Christmas presents. Unless there is a possibility of you sending some over for us to resell here in our plant centre?

Thanks so much for it.

Michael Marriott

Albrighton, Wolverhampton, UK