Betel Leaf / Vegetable Pepper plant

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Usually Available: October to June
Shipping: NOT Western Australia or Tasmania, NOT internationally
Botanical Name: Piper sarmentosum
Pot Sizes: 50mm tube, 100mm pot


Betel Leaf plant, Piper sarmentosum, is also known as Lolot Pepper, Wild Pepper, Kadok, Betel Leaf and Vegetable Leaf Pepper. Betel Leaf is aromatic and tasty, with large, glossy leaves with a mild, pungent flavour and are eaten raw or cooked. Used as wraps. The leaves of this Pepper are used as a food.  The fruit are used as a tonic to remedy asthma, coughs etc. Native to India and prefers well composted moist, well drained soils in a protected, warm position. Dappled light to partial shade. Drought and frost tender-tolerates a light frost. A perennial, evergreen trailer, growing to 0.6m.

In warmer climates this species will spread freely and cultivation in a pot is suggested.

PLEASE NOTE; This is the Pepper whose leaves are used as food..

Do not mistake this species for Betel Pepper or Paan, Piper betle, which has different and distinct uses to Piper sarmentosum.