Chaste Tree, plant

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Usually Available: October to June, dormant June to September
Shipping: NOT Western Australia or Tasmania, NOT internationally
Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus
Pot Sizes: 50mm tube, 100mm pot


Chaste Tree plant, Vitex agnus-castus, is also known as Indian Spice, Vitex and Monks Pepper. A necessary companion to women. It is renown for its hormone balancing effects. The berries of this tree have traditionally be used as a remedy for female fertility and menstrual difficulties. Supports the health of the breasts. The tree is a symbol of chastity to the ancient Greeks. Fruits have also been used as a European folk method to reduce male sexual desire, hence the name Monks Pepper. Aromatic seeds are sometimes used as an alternative to peppercorns. Attractive, fragrant lavender flowers appear in late summer and are used with the leaves in pot pourri. Chaste Tree plant is native of Europe and Asia and is adaptable to most soils but prefers a protected, sunny position. Frost resistant but drought tender. A deciduous tree, growing to 3m x 2m.