Cocao, plant

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Usually Available: November to May
Shipping: NOT Western Australia or Tasmania, NOT internationally
Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao
Pot Sizes: 50mm forestry, 100mm maxi


Cocao plant, Theobroma cacao, is sometimes known as the Chocolate Tree. The edible beans of this tree are the source of chocolate, cocao and cocoa. Beans are roasted before eating. In Central America the beans are a folk aphrodisiac. Cocao butter is widely used as food flavouring and in cosmetics. Both products extensively used to flavour dessert foods. Suitable only for warm, frost free climates. Cocao plant is native to the Amazon basin and prefers fertile, well-composted and moist soils in a protected, shaded position. Drought and frost tender. An evergreen tree, growing to 8m x 3m. Small, scented yellow flowers give way to large brownish pods that contain the Cocao beans (seeds).