Meadowsweet, plant

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Botanical Name: Filipendula ulmaria
Pot Size: 50mm forestry  tube, 100mm pot


A tea to “make the heart merry and joyful”. The hot infusion of Meadowsweet plant (Filipendula ulmaria) leaf and flowers is anti-inflamatory and pain relieving. Drunk several times a day is a treatment for influenza and rheumatism. The leaves were also a strewing herb. Golden, almond scented flowers are utilised in pot pourri. This herb was sacred to the ancient Druids. The name sake of Aspirin. Meadowsweet is a native of Europe and is adaptable to most well drained soils in an open, sunny position. Flower heads occur in late summer and autumn. Frost resistant but drought tender. A perennial plant, growing to 1m x 0.75m.