Mulberry, Dwarf plant

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Usually Available: all year, dormant May to July
Shipping: NOT Western Australia or Tasmania, NOT internationally
Botanical Name: Morus nigra
Pot Size: 40mm, 50mm forestry, 100mm



Dwarf Mulberry plant, Morus nigra,  is a miniature version of the popular and attractive fruit-bearing plant. While full-size Mulberry trees can reach up to 10m in height, the Dwarf Mulberry is heavy bearing while still being suitable for small gardens, growing to around 3m. Purple-black fruit are produced in early spring and can be eaten straight off the bush. Broad, heart-shaped leaves are a favourite food of silk-worms. Dwarf Mulberry plant prefers an open sunny position in a well drained soil. Once established plants are drought tolerant and require minimal watering. Perennial and deciduous, cut back each season after fruiting, reducing canopy by about one third. Suitable for a wide variety of Australian conditions.