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Nature Spirits: The Remembrance – A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom
by Susan Raven

Susan Raven introduces us to the world of nature spirits and elemental beings, which reside in earth, water, air and fire

The future of humanity, and that of the Earth, may be dependent upon such a positive and reciprocal relationship with the elemental beings. Susan investigates the nature of the accelerated, evolutionary wave of consciousness pulsing into Earth at the present time, and how its effects are helping us forge a new link with the spiritual and etheric worlds.

Susan describes the activities of these beings in the landscape, in plants and in human beings. Meditations and exercises are presented to preparation for a meeting with an elemental being. The importance of working with the elemental kingdom in our immediate environment is emphasised. Personal development is highlighted as path to the new way of being on Earth.

The Remembrance features a wide range of insightful quotes and testimonies and refers to the work of Rudolf Steiner.‘