Tasmanian Mtn Pepper, plant

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Usually Available: all year
Shipping: NOT Western Australia or Tasmania, NOT internationally
Botanical Name: Tasmannia lanceolata
Special Note: Female plants only supplied
Pot Sizes: forestry tube, 100mm pot


Tasmanian Mountain Pepper plant, Tasmannia lanceolata, is also known as Mountain Pepper and Native Pepper. A good substitute for traditional pepper, but with a more intense flavour similar to the Sichuan pepper. Flavour is tangy and spicy with hot, strong undertones. Both the leaves and berries of this tree are used for cooking. Tasmanian Mountain Pepper plant is native to sub-alpine regions of NSW. Tasmania and Victoria and prefers well composted soils in a protected and shaded position. Frost resistant but drought tender. An evergreen shrub, growing to 2m x 2m. Creamy white flowers appear in summer followed by blackish pea size berries.

All plants supplied are female.