Wild Yam, Chinese, seed

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Seed Count: 3 aerial tubers / packet
Germination: easy
Botanical Name: Dioscorea opposita syn: D. batata
Usually Available: March to September
Bulk Seed: 30gm contains about 40 aerial tubers

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Chinese Wild Yam seed; ,Dioscorea opposita, is also known as Shan-yao and Cinnamon Yam, Chinese Wild Yam produces delicious underground and ariel tubers that double as nutrient rich tonic. Hardy in most areas of mainland Australia. White, cinnamon scented flowers compel you into the garden at dusk and dawn. A treatment for irritable bowel, bed-wetting and nerve pain.  Chinese Wild Yamis native to China and Japan. Prefers rich, well drained soils in a partially shaded position. Some frost and drought tolerance. A deciduous, vining perennial, growing to 4m.

Dormant and bare-rooted plants of Chinese Wild Yam

Chinese Wild Yam Plants in pots.