Yew, plant

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Botanical Name: Taxus cuspidata
Pot Size: forestry tube, 100mm pot


The Yew genus is distributed across most parts of Europe and Eurasia. Its capacity for great age: enriched the Yew plant symbolic value. In early times, the darkly glorious yew-tree was probably the only evergreen tree in Britain. Both Druids with their belief in reincarnation, and later Christians with their teaching of the resurrection, regarded it as a natural emblem of everlasting life.  The Yew plant, Taxus cuspidata andTaxus baccata , are sometimes used in the treatment cancer. Yew are native to Europe and Eurasia and prefers moist alkaline soils in an open sunny position. Drought and frost resistant. An evergreen tree, growing to 40m x 4m.

Note: all parts of Yew are poisonous to humans and animals if consumed.


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